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Required Publication


House Talk

Required Publication

March 26th, 2016
Dylan Chalk
5761 NE Tolo Rd
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
206-713-5715 or [email protected]

House Talk Ground Rules

Admission procedure and prerequisites: All students seeking clock hour credit must be licensed Realtors in Washington State. All realtors seeking clock hour credit must fill in a class registration form for admission.

Causes for dismissal and conditions for readmission: If the student does not attend 100% of the class, they do not qualify for clock hour credit. Students who are disruptive can be dismissed at any time. Students who are dismissed for late arrival can take the class at any other time they wish to enroll or make up the parts of the class they missed by completing assigned home work. Auditing of classes is discouraged – this is to eliminate any confusion as to whether clock hours have been earned.

Attendance requirements, leave, absences, makeup work, and tardiness: Once the class starts, no students are allowed to leave the class or take phone calls. Classes will have 10 minutes of break for every 60 minutes of instruction. A clock hour, as defined by the state, is 50 minutes.

Standards of progress required of the student, including a definition of the grading system of the school. At the end of every class, it is required that a class evaluation form be filled out. These will be provided at the end of class. There is no grading system. Passing the class simply requires full attendance.

Minimum grades considered satisfactory and the conditions for reentrance for those students whose course study is interrupted. Unless a class exceeds 30 hours, no testing will be done.Our only requirements are payment for the class, registration, full attendance and filing out a class evaluation form.

Refund policy of registration or tuition fees, record retrieval fee, or any other charges, including procedures a student shall follow to cancel enrollment before or after instruction has begun. Payment for class will be due at the beginning of every class. Students who register but do not attend class are not subject to a tuition fee; students only pay for the classes they take. Students who are dismissed for late arrival and disruptive behavior will forfeit their tuition and not earn credit for the class.

**This school is approved under RCW 18.85 RCW; inquires regarding this or any other real estate school may be made to Real Estate, Department of Licensing, PO Box 9021 Olympia, WA 98507