Electrical Refresh and Reset for Home Inspectors #464 Featuring Charles Buell Jan 26 *DATE CHANGE*


This class includes fun demonstrations Charlie has put together to show basic electrical concepts as well as a detailed Powerpoint presentations loaded with field slides and examples of real-world home inspection findings, delmas and defects. Dylan Chalk works to extract from Charlie all we want to know about performing detailed, accurate and thorough electrical inspections on residential construction.

We will discuss: grounding & bonding, electrical myths, induced voltage, stray voltage, CSST bonding, sub-panels, sorting out service wire sizes, 208 volt systems—you have likely inspected them, split-bus panels, multi-wire circuits, tandem breakers, HVAC wiring rules, generators, aluminum wiring, tamper resistant receptacles, GFCI’s and AFCI’s, and WA State specific rules. The will also discuss strategies and methods and rationale for exceeding minimum SOP’s.

When was the last time you brushed up on your electrical skills and knowledge? Up your game, reduce your liability, and hone your competitive advantage by refreshing old knowledge and learning new and important inspection techniques, language and concepts for residential electrical inspections.

Email us today if you would be interested in having this class in your community.

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