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Give Your Homebuyers an Edge

Thank you for your interest in making a bulk order of The Confident House Hunter! We believe this book makes an excellent gift.

We have negotiated a discount from the publisher and can offer books for $13.00 / copy plus sales tax for orders of 10 books or more.

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Short inventory, escalating home prices and diminishing inspection contingency periods are putting homebuyers and their real estate agents to the test in many real estate markets around the country. While there are no silver bullet solutions for this problem, there is a new book that can help.

The Confident House Hunter_9781462118977_FULL (1)The fact of the matter is: it has never been more important for homebuyers to develop skills for looking at houses and understanding how to evaluate risk. The old days of home shopping involved making an emotional decision, signing a contract and letting your realtor, home inspector, and appraiser take over from there. Those days are gone.

Houses today are more expensive and complex than ever before and today’s market rewards decisive action: educated and knowledgeable home buyers hold the advantage. The Confident House Hunter takes a home inspectors knowledge and runs it through a simple filter:

What is the basic information every homebuyer should have to:

  • Look critically at houses
  • Compare and contrast houses
  • Evaluate risk
  • And find the house that is right for them.

All houses have problems! Prepared home buyers understand this and can work smoothly with their real estate agents to sift through available houses and negotiate the discovery of home inspection with poise and skill. Prepared house shoppers streamline the house search so home buying can go quickly and efficiently. Empower your home buyers with the best welcome gift you can give; the gift of knowledge.