Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings and Egress

Are you employing the correct terminology?

In this episode, we speak with Charles Buell and Don Hester about emergency escape and rescue openings and we discuss why we should not be referring to bedroom windows as egress windows. We review the codes that surround the requirements for emergency escape and rescue openings and we discuss some important exceptions in the code. We also discuss what egress really means and we discuss the conundrum of older houses that do not meet modern standards for emergency escape and rescue openings. There are some valuable nuggets here about important home safety could save the life of you or one of your clients.

For more information about our guest, Don Hester, here is a link to Don Hester’s website.

In this podcast, we have a great diagram done by Charles Buell, to help you know if a window meets the minimum requirements for escape and rescue openings. If you would like to download a copy, here is a link to the diagram done by Charles Buell.


Dylan Chalk

Author: Dylan Chalk

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