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Classes for Home Inspectors


Storytelling for Home Inspection and Report Writing #428

Learn to utilize effective writing and storytelling techniques to manage client expectations and emotions, explain complex subjects, write teling inspection reports, limit your liability and better define your inspection process. This class weaves critical elements of writing and storytelling into a fun class full of relevant home inspection photos and experiences. Discuss common home inspector traps and learn techniques for navigating them. See your business from a fresh perspective by exploring an alternative to the fear-based communication traditionally taught in home inspection classes. Grow your business and your reputation as a clear communicator.

Thermography Fundamentals for Home Inspection #452

Professional thermography training at a fraction of the cost

  1. If you have an infrared camera but don’t know how to use it
  2. If you have questions about how to report on your infrared findings
  3. If you have been thinking of adding infrared to your home inspection business
  4. If you have new employees that need training

The Northwest Infrared Difference
Brent Foster is a Level III certified Thermographer and owner and operator or Northwest Infrared: Brent has specialized training and certification in building science applications and years of hands-on experience as a thermographer.
Now retired from home inspection Brent has done over 5,000 home inspections but now focuses full time on infrared inspections and training.
Brent is a fun and lively presenter and he offers a no-fluff 1-day training course that will ensure you are qualified to:

  1. Effectively and efficiently operate an infrared camera
  2. Collect high-quality data to give to customers
  3. Evaluate homes and buildings for issues such as trapped moisture under flat roofs, heat loss, overheated electrical, mechanical, mold investigations and much more.
  4. Write up professional reports interpreting the data
  5. Clearly, understand the ins and outs of infrared scanning
  6. Mentoring, after taking the class we will offer mentoring for an unlimited amount of time at no additional fee.

This is a one-day course.

  1. If you do not have an imager do not buy one. Brent will provide you an imager for the class at no additional fee.
  2. If you have an imager bring it to class. Brent will teach you how to use it.

Brent will provide mentoring for up to one year after the end of the course for no additional fee.
Call Brent Foster with questions anytime 360-786-6850 or
Email us if you would like to have this class near you: [email protected]

Electrical Refresh and Reset for Home Inspectors #464

Featuring Charles Buell

Charles Buell
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This class includes fun demonstrations Charlie has put together to show basic electrical concepts as well as a detailed Powerpoint presentations loaded with field slides and examples of real-world home inspection findings, delmas and defects. Dylan Chalk works to extract from Charlie all we want to know about performing detailed, accurate and thorough electrical inspections on residential construction.

We will discuss: grounding & bonding, electrical myths, induced voltage, stray voltage, CSST bonding, sub-panels, sorting out service wire sizes, 208 volt systems—you have likely inspected them, split-bus panels, multi-wire circuits, tandem breakers, HVAC wiring rules, generators, aluminum wiring, tamper resistant receptacles, GFCI’s and AFCI’s, and WA State specific rules. The will also discuss strategies and methods and rationale for exceeding minimum SOP’s.

What: 8-hours of electrical fun taught by Charles Buell and Dylan Chalk.

Where: Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center in Seattle, WA

When: Friday, May 18th. From 9:00-5:30

$325 includes 8-hours of WA State CE credits, coffee, soft drinks, snacks and lunch

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today

When was the last time you brushed up on your electrical skills and knowledge? Up your game, reduce your liability, and hone your competitive advantage by refreshing old knowledge and learning new and important inspection techniques, language and concepts for residential electrical inspections.

Email us today if you would be interested in having this class in your community.