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Classes for Realtors

Sorting Houses by Age: A Residential Construction Timeline with Dylan Chalk
Class Overview and Objective #C11289 – 4 hours
This class will provide an overview of residential construction history that is useful to Real Estate Agents. Class participants will come away with an understanding of overall trends in residential construction as well as some specific dates such as code changes for electric installation or material changes for plumbing. The goal of the class is to approach residential construction from a fresh and useful point of view that transforms how students look at and evaluate residential construction. After class students should be more adept at predicting various assets and shortcomings of houses based on their age, have improved skills for touring houses and learn basic construction knowledge fundamental for interrupting home inspection findings.
The Bones Beneath the Bling (Part 1)
Tools for Thriving in a Frantic Market #C10619 – 4 hours
In today’s frantic home-buying market, decisive action wins the day. This class provides tools to prepare your home buyers for the rigors of house shopping in a hyper-competitive market. Whether showing homes to clients, touring homes on your own, responding to home inspections or helping guide quick decision making, this class will build your knowledge of residential construction so you are better able to assist your clients with the trials of this seller’s market. You will have plenty of opportunities to get your house-related questions answered.