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Classes for Home Inspectors

Writing Style and Technique for Superior Inspection Reports
#504 – 4-hours
Harness the power of the written word to transform your business. While one class can’t transform your writing overnight, we will present tools for improving your writing instantly and plant the seeds for finding your own style and writer’s voice over the long-haul. The class will cover:

  • Techniques to improve your general writing skills
  • Examples of poorly written statements and how to improve them
  • A review of frequently misused home inspection words
  • A look at report writing techniques such as using qualifiers, following the SOP, writing representative observations and how to write a descriptive report.
  • A chance to compete in the report writing contest
The Bones Beneath the Bling For Home Inspectors
#498 – 4 hours
In today’s frantic home-buying market, decisive action wins the day. This class provides tools to prepare your home buyers for the rigors of house shopping in a hyper-competitive market. Whether showing homes to clients, touring homes on your own, responding to home inspections, or helping guide quick decision making, this class will build your knowledge of residential construction so you are better able to assist your clients with the trials of this seller’s market. You will have plenty of opportunities to get your house-related questions answered.
Plumbing Refresh Reset For Home Inspectors: WATER HEATERS
#1076- 8 hours
This course will discuss water heaters, the various types of water heaters, and how water heaters impact requirements for hot water in residential construction.  It will discuss problems associated with maintaining water at safe temperatures.  We will also discuss concerns related to deadlegs and some solutions to these problems.  We will also discuss how to write about these issues in our inspection reports.
Sorting Houses by Age: A Residential Construction Timeline
#496 – 4 hours
Take a visual journey through 120-years of residential construction history in a class that is useful for improving communication skills and placing our inspection findings in perspective. Class participants will come away with an understanding of the critical trends in residential construction that have shaped our buildings, as well as cheats sheets with specific dates such as code changes for electric installations and material changes for plumbing. We will approach residential construction from a fresh and useful point of view that helps home inspectors predict the various assets and shortcomings of houses before the inspection even begins.
Electrical Refresh and re-set for Home Inspection
#1076 – 8 hours (Updated for 2021)
This class includes fun demonstrations Charlie has put together to show basic electrical concepts as well as a detailed Powerpoint presentation loaded with field slides and examples of real-world home inspection findings, delmas, and defects. Dylan Chalk works to extract from Charlie all we want to know about performing detailed, accurate, and thorough electrical inspections on residential construction.
Email us today if you would be interested in having this class in your community.
Thermography Fundamentals for Home Inspection
#452 is 8-hours
Brent Foster is a Level III certified Thermographer and owner and operator or Northwest Infrared: Brent has specialized training and certification in building science applications and years of hands-on experience as a thermographer.
Now retired from home inspection Brent has done over 5,000 home inspections but now focuses full time on infrared inspections and training.
Brent is a fun and lively presenter and he offers a no-fluff 1-day training course that will ensure you are qualified to:Call Brent Foster with questions anytime 360-786-6850 or
Email us if you would like to have this class near you: [email protected]
Storytelling for Home Inspection and Report Writing
#428 – 2-hours
Learn to utilize effective writing and storytelling techniques to manage client expectations and emotions, explain complex subjects, write teling inspection reports, limit your liability and better define your inspection process. This class weaves critical elements of writing and storytelling into a fun class full of relevant home inspection photos and experiences. Discuss common home inspector traps and learn techniques for navigating them. See your business from a fresh perspective by exploring an alternative to the fear-based communication traditionally taught in home inspection classes. Grow your business and your reputation as a clear communicator.
Visual Inspection of Fiber Cement Siding
#453 and is 2-hours or 4-hours with Hardie Reps.
Visual Inspection of Fiber Cement Siding will focus on visual inspection of the most widely installed modern siding system: fiber cement siding. Technical installation details will be based on the James Hardie brand as this is the most widely installed fiber cement siding. We will focus on lap siding, but we will also review panel siding systems, the shingle system and rain screen installations. The class will start by reviewing James Hardie installation requirements. We will follow this with observations from the field where field slides will be employed to discuss how installation requirements have changed and the difference between best practices and the 13 Major Components. This class will leave inspectors with useful skills for inspecting fiber cement siding installations and strong and accurate language for reporting on defects.