Manufactured houses, often called mobile homes, are not built like regular stick-built on-site houses.

In this podcast, we talk with Don Hester of North Central Washington Home Inspection. Don is a Washington State licensed home inspector #647 and a structural pest inspector #80050 and he is an instructor at the Bellingham Technical College home inspection program.

Since I met Don, he has been my go-to resource when I have questions on manufactured homes. I still remember inspecting a brand new manufactured home in 2017 and the main electric panel had no AFCI breakers! I was shocked. When I reached out to Don he explained how manufactured homes are slow to adopt the National Electric Code and are still running on the 2005 code.

Don is currently working on a continuing education class for home inspectors about the nuances of inspecting manufactured homes. We reached out to Don to ask him to go over just a piece of that class. Today’s discussion covers a basic understanding of manufactured homes and how they are different from regular homes as well as a look at one system: electrical.

There is some important information regarding how codes work for manufactured homes. Please have a listen and subscribe to this podcast to keep the information coming.