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Inside information on how to look at houses, evaluate risk and manage your expectations. The modern guide for house hunting – The Confident House Hunter Wins National Book Award!

Confident House Hunter by Dylan Chalk
Confident House Hunter cover

By Amazon Customer on July 7, 2016
Format: Perfect Paperback
I wish I had a book like this when I was buying my first home. Great to see a smart author like Dylan putting his knowledge of the market towards helping people and solving a very real problem for consumers. Buying a home is overwhelming and this book will help buyers feel empowered.

Confident House Hunter cover
5.0 out of 5 stars THE Book for Anyone Who Buys or Sells Houses
By Carl Binder  on August 5, 2016
Format: Perfect Paperback
Dylan has inspected two homes in which I’ve had an interest — one that we were selling and another that I was buying. And have heard stories about the thoroughness of his inspections elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. He is very, very tough, but he also provides very good advice. He pays attention to everything and provides an extremely informative report. This book is great, I think in part because of who Dylan is. He was an Environmental Science major at Colorado College, a school known for its high standards and thoughtful approach to education. Dylan shows it. The practical advice and many different perspectives on a house that he provides in this book are extremely informative without being constraining. They help you see a house — whether you’re a prospective buyer, an owner, a real estate professional, or just someone interested in houses — with fresh eyes and penetrating insight.

If you have anything to do with home ownership, buy this book!

Confident House Hunter cover
5.0 out of 5 stars Dylan Chalk is the House Whisperer
By Teresa on September 8, 2016
Format: Perfect Paperback Verified Purchase
I met Dylan Chalk and he is the real deal. His knowledge is well represented in this immensely helpful book on what every home buyer should know. He summarizes his experience and expertise on home inspections that can easily be referenced during a home purchase process. I highly recommend his book.